RECING HUNGARY Ltd. designs, transports, assembles and operates biological wastewater treatment plants.


Established: 19th November 2001
Subscribed capital: 6.000.000 HUF
Seat (office): 1046 Budapest, Bank utca 6. 2.emelet 7/a.
Site (storage): 7081 Simontornya, Gyár utca 1-5.
Directors: Papp István (engineer), Lakatos László (economist)
Trade register number: 01-09-701493
Tax number: 12747092-2-41
Our bank account at OTP Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt. 1061 Bp. Andrássy út 6.
HUF: 11786001-20153461
EUR: 11763062-13863883
IBAN: HU16117630621386388300000000
Swift code (BIC) of OTP Bank OTPVHUHB


Our Company is the exclusive distributor of Czech made SC type biological wastewater treatment plants. These devices are designed for cleaning communal wastewater. We distribute all size of stainless steel made cleaners. These cleaners can be separated into two groups.

  1. Wastewater Cleaners for 2-200 persons.

These devices are transported fully assembled and can give solution for living-houses, guest-houses, restaurants, industrial units, institutions in unseweraged regions. After a correct building preparation cleaners can be installed within a few hours and put into practice immediately. Our cleaners are easy to use and have small chance to failure because no moving parts. The treated water is recyclable. This investment returns within a few years.

  1. Builded communal wastewater treatment plants with 7.5-1200 m³/day capacity.

These wastewater treatment plants are made mainly for townships, subdivisions and hotels. The material of technological part is stainless steel, railings and walkways are made of hot galvanized carbon steel and all this are supplemented with waterproof concrete tanks. Compact size allows to cover the tanks so it can be placed aesthetic into the environment. By changing technological sizing our plants can comply with all cleaning category.